Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Jujutsu Seminar in Vienna at Wado Te Jutsu School of Franz Strauss. Presentation of Expert-Professor Medal and Diploma to Extraordinary Teacher of Jujutsu and Judo-do Ido

The problem of relations between martial arts study with methodical training and organisational trip to Vienna was analysed from the perspective of sociology as well as martial arts theory. The qualitative methods of participant observation, textual analysis, face-to-face interview were used, complemented by comparative analysis.
The results of research conclude that the trip to Vienna qualifies as martial arts tourism. The purpose of the organizational trip was to conclude the matter regarding the decision made by the European Jūjutsu and Kobudō Committee (EJKC) to distinguish master F. Strauss. Such a situation fosters cultural encounter of masters, master-teacher and his students and the cultural dialogue which constitutes secondary influence of martial arts practice.