Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Frequency of Combative Activities in the 1st League Men’s Football Match

Introduction. Football, a dynamic sport game, belongs to heuristic sport activities. In these activities it can come to an unavoidable contact with the opponent in an effort to fight the ball out. Besides that there are a lot of game situations where it is advantageous to employ the contact with the opponent as a part of game techniques and tactics. Aim. The aim of the research is to discover and describe combative activities in a football game and also to find out their frequency in a football match.
Material and methods. For the research and observation we have chosen five matches of FC Baník Ostrava team that was in the particular year 2008/2009 a participant of the highest Czech football competition – 1st Gambrinus League. Indirect monitoring from the recording was used for the observation. The record was created by a detailed analysis of one match, where we segregated the observed combative activities. The monitored situations were as follows:
— what combative activity was performed
— the post of the player who performed the combative activity
— half time
— the rival of the monitored team
Results. The number of particular combative activities out of five monitored matches was:
— 120 oppositions (24 in one match)
— 259 pushes (51.8 in one match)
The character of a football game is created by sport rules that from the combative activities allow using mainly pushes. Other basic pushes can be in conflict with the rules. The most active post in usage of combative elements is the forward. In one match it was monitored 5.6 oppositions and 5.3 pushes on average. The high proportion of combative elements is caused by the active role of the forward in a football match. From the point of view of football game tactic it is interesting that in the second half-times we monitored lower occurrence of oppositions (13.6:10.4 in one match on average), however, there was higher occurrence of pushes (23.2:28.26 in one match on average).The total sum of combative activities is higher in the second half-times in general.
Conclusions. Finally, we state that combative activities have an irreplaceable position in football nowadays and their mastering is an important part of team performance. The team that is not fully prepared for physically and mentally demanding contact style of football has a worse position in contrast to teams that mastered combative techniques well.