Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Changes in the level of physical fitness on the way to mastery in martial arts according to activity

Problem. In the theoretical framework of the sport sociology and coaching was taken analysis the link of activity undertaken by people practicing martial arts with their physical general fitness and special fitness/efficiency. It was decided to take into account the social factor (activity) and the regular measurement of efficiency.
Method. As an indicator of activity was adopted ranking led by technical director, as an indicator of the special efficiency – held technical level kyu or dan, awarded on the basis of expert judgment by the practical test. The research was carried in 6-year period 2007-2012. It includes research (purposeful choice) N=14 person practicing in this time martial arts in sections of Rzeszow Centre “Dojo Budokan” (RCDB) – central branch of Idokan Poland Association (IPA); people who are the leaders of ranking lists and winners of high scoring. Researched are practicing under direction the same coach in Rzeszow and Strzyzow. It was employed a method of expert estimate (ranking executed by technical director with assistance of two other experts, 10th dan holders), participant observation and two investigative instruments: 1) International Physical Fitness Test (IPFT); 2) Index of Physical Fitness of K. Zuchora (IPFZ). So an analysis of documents (rankings, the results of indicated tests – measuring efficiency, a central register IPA) were used, too. Statistical analysis included the use of Spearman’s rank test.
Results. Calculated the correlation of motor skills (according to the results IPFZ) activity (by ranking) and the results of IPFT. It has been found that there is very strong correlation between all three variables.
Conclusions. Subjects are the best from among researched by the reason of their biggest activities fairest (engagement), diligence and consistency. They achieve high level of development of motor ability and physical efficiency and next technical degrees.