Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Keywords: martial mrts, philosophy o f mastery in budo, Shigeru Oyama, World Oyama
Karate Organization, kihon kata, Polish Federation o f Oyama Karate, shihan Jan Dyduch

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Keywords: training of children and youth, introductory stage of training, essence, contents and motivation in the first stage of training, coach’s tasks in the first stage of training

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Keywords: the rule of specification and corring on the skill, using knowledge of other branches of sport, swordsmanshig and judo, Bruce Lee Kung Fu style

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Keywords: eco-sociology, architecture, dojo, Japan, sport building, national character, touristic volues, martial arts, spirituality and ecology

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Keywords: fascination of the East, psychoneuroimmunology, the power of faith, creating attitudes, prana, self-development, Eastern systems of health and education as the part of school curriculum

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Keywords: Universal State of Consciousness, not-undergoing changes – state, universal religions

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Keywords: Peaceful Warrior, evaluation of Budo-concepts to reduce violence, specialization of scientific pedagogy and treatments, the foundation of a new education-method

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