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Ido Movement for Culture 2021, vol. 21, no. 4



Evaluation of health-related behaviours of physiotherapy students as amateur combat sports and martial arts practitioners

Keywords: physiotherapy, physical activity, combat sports, students

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Beetroot extract improves specific performance and oxygen uptake in taekwondo athletes: A double-blind crossover study

Keywords: martial arts, aerobic exercise, sports performance, dietary supplement

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Development and reliability of technical-tactical and time-motion real-time analysis in the World Taekwondo Grand Prix

Keywords: time and motion studies, technology, martial arts, circuit-based exercise, high-intensity interval training, athletic performance

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Analysis of re-gripping behaviors, gripping numbers, and targets: A comparative study of gripping techniques preceding scored throws between the extra lightweight and half heavyweight categories in international judo competitions

Keywords: coaching, combat sports, martial arts, competition analysis, throwing techniques, weight categories

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Frami® software protocol for Taekwondo: development, reliability and reproducibility

Keywords: performance analysis, taekwondo athletes, time-motion studies, athletic performance

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Stress Induced Changes in Neurotrophic Mechanism and Mind Set of Martial Art Practitioners: A Systematic Review

Keywords: psychophysiological, neurotrophic mechanism, Zen tradition, neurochemical secretion, neurohormonal homeostasis

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