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Ido Movement for Culture 2024, vol. 24, no. 1


The acute effects of loading used in wearable resistance on kinetics and kinematics during taekwondo axe kick

Keywords: ground reaction force, kicking velocity, kicking time, wearable resistance, specificity

Read more: The acute effects of loading used in wearable resistance on kinetics and kinematics during...


Dissonance Issues Incurred with the Use of Taekwondo for Promoting Peace

Keywords: soft power diplomacy, sports diplomacy, cultural heritage, martial art, combat sport, Taekwondo, WorldTaekwondo (WT), International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF)

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Judo and kata teaching: Can personal expression be addressed before formal expression?

Keywords: active teaching methods, chlorophyll pedagogy, combat sport, kata, Kodokan, martial arts, motor learning, randori, self-defense, shu-ha-ri

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Morphotype and caloric ingestion and its relationship with the physical performance of Mexican boxers

Keywords: anthropometry, somatotype, nutrients, VO2max, body composition

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Judo Coaches: An International Contextualization on Professional Education and Career

Keywords: coaching, coach education, professionalization, combat sports, elite sports

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The area of fighting arts studies A.D. 2023: organisational and scientific development

Keywords: fighting arts, martial arts studies, scientific publications, martial arts tourism, symbols, events, management

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