Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Martial arts and adolescents: using theories to explain the positive effects of Asian martial arts on the well-being of adolescents

Problem. The main purpose of this paper is to explain, using theories, how practicing martial arts could help enhance the well-being of adolescents.
Method. The paper reviews and discusses literature regarding the nature of martial arts and the nature of adolescents and their well-being. In addition, study findings regarding the effects of martial arts and theories of well-being are discussed. The paper synthesizes these discussions into theoretical and conceptual frameworks. To do so, the paper emphasizes taekwondo (TKD) and the need-based theories of well-being.
Results. The paper showed that (1) the well-being of adolescents has different dimensions or adolescents have various fundamental needs; (2) the training of TKD has different components; and (3) the different components of the training help adolescents meet their fundamental needs, thereby improving adolescents’ well-being
Conclusion. Need-based theories of well-being could be used by researchers and others to understand and explain why martial arts training improve the well-being of adolescents.