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Abstract - Between order and extremes: about balance, rationality and a broader approach to reality

Problem. Let us try to answer two questions: 1) What should be the paradigm of martial arts research today?; 2) How does this translate into the content published in Ido Movement for Culture?
Method. The first question requires reflection from the areas of epistemology/philosophy of science and sociology of science. The analysis emphasizes the contextual and humanistic dimensions. In the second question, the discussion pertains to the content of volume 23.
Results. The reflection mainly concerns schematism and barriers present in scientific institutions or those working for science. Reference is made to the history and cultural heritage of Poland. This is a context, especially axiological, that involvesmnoble patterns. The further content focuses on interdisciplinarity and multidisciplinarity, as well as the contents of volume 23 in the context of the 23 years of functioning of this scientific periodical.
Conclusions. Through logical deduction, it has been shown that it is justified to conduct interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research on fighting arts, and this is also the case with the study popularizing the research results published in Ido Movement for Culture.