Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The level of overall physical fitness on the basic training in the Police Training Centre in Legionowo in 2009

Aim: To evaluate the effect of the basic training in the Police Training Centre in Legionowo on physical fitness of police officers. A question was raised whether the policemen improved their results in statistically significant way in all four trials.
Material and methods: The study was conducted with the participation of 653 students (501 men and 152 women) - basic training’s attendees in the Police Training Centre in Legionowo in 2009. Two tests of physical fitness were conducted at the beginning of the training and three weeks before the end of a six-month training. During 124 days the police carried out a training program including 132 hours of tactics and intervention techniques. Evaluation of performance was made using four trials: sit-ups in 30 seconds, medicine ball throw from behind the head (2 kg for women and 3 kg for men), run with change of direction (the envelope), 800 m run (1000 m run.) In the statistical analysis of empirical data the arithmetic average and standard deviation were used.
Results: After completing a six-month basic training the police officers participating in the training improved their results in all four trials in a significant way.
Conclusions: During the basic training program physical fitness can be significantly improved. Implementation of such a goal is possible only by highly qualified staff. With a limited number of hours for training it seems to be more appropriate to provide police officers with skills of combat and intervention techniques.