Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Evaluation of self-defence training in the Czech Emergency Medical Service

Background. The increase in aggressive behaviour towards crews and the potential danger they may be in is seen as a significant current problem in the Emergency Medical Service (EMS).
Aim. This study relates to an analysis and evaluation of the self-defence needs of EMS medical staff.
Methods. The design of the research is descriptive, qualitative and quantitative. The research sample was deliberately chosen. Direct and indirect observation over a period of five months was applied to the data collection methods. In addition, questionnaires were used to investigate the attitude of the profession to self-defence, and unstructured interviews were conducted.
Results. The theoretical results reflect the creation of an actual plan for EMS training, an interest in education and in self-defence training. The practical results include specific findings and recommendations for practice learning EMS management for the learning process can increase the efficiency of self-defence training for EMS staff.
Conclusion. The most important thing is to include self-defence training in the current educational profile of the EMS.