Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Scientific Approaches to Olympic Taekwondo: Research Trends

Originating from an ancient martial art, taekwondo recently entered the Olympic Games. Over the last decade, there has been a growth in research directly related to Olympic taekwondo, indicating an increased interest of sport scientists who approached this sport from several perspectives. Although most of this research is focused on injuries, there has been a steady increase in publications related to the anthropometric and fitness profiles of athletes. In recognition of the important role played by the optimal physical preparation of elite, most recent field studies made use of technological developments capable of quickly measuring the athletes’ physical performance and monitoring their responses to competition. This panoramic review highlights areas that require further exploration, aiming to increase the awareness of both coaches and researchers of the various aspect of this combat sport. It is a challenge to those specializing in science and taekwondo to contribute to the development of a multidisciplinary approach to the evaluation of the complexity of the taekwondo performance.