Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Boxing fight as a sign of movement towards absolute abstraction. Analysis in the perspective of Hegelian phenomenology of spirit

In the article the author indicates anthropological and axiological bases for the boxing fight from the point of view of Hegel’s philosophy. In the views of the genius idealist one may notice appreciation for the body being the indispensable basis for physical activity of a man, his work aiming at changing himself and the external world and also competition and fight. Focusing attention especially on the problem of rivalry and the situation of fight and viewing it in the perspective of the ‘master-slave’ theory (included in the phenomenology of the spirit) one may state that even conventionalized, i.e., limited by cultural and sporting rules of the game boxing fight displays signs of life and death fight of two Hegelian self-knowledges aiming at auto-affirmation and auto-realization.
The Hegelian perspective also allows to appreciate boxing fight as a sign of a ‘low’ culture (in contrast to ‘high’ culture), draw attention to relations which occur – according to Hegel – between the Absolute and the man and the place occupied by the subject in both the process of self-realization of the Absolute and in the philosophical system of the German thinker.