Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - A cyclical meeting of experts as a special case of martial arts tourism

Background and Problem. Within the scientific concept of Non-entertaining Tourism the problem of similarities and differences between some cases of martial arts’ tourism was studied. This study serves as a contribution to the state of knowledge on martial arts tourism.
Method. The method is a single case study research, both descriptive and evaluative, with participant observation and photographic documentation.
Results. It was found that the meeting and seminar being described served both martial arts practice and scientific research, the assessment of the situation and the planning of further activities. Several people were honoured and further stages of cooperation were established. It is a certain novum in reflecting on this kind of tourism that one of its stated goals may be the coordination of activities in the field of the institutionalisation of martial arts.
Conclusions. It is important to know that meetings of experts and leaders of martial arts organisations are special cases of martial arts tourism. Such meetings influence the direction of the institutionalisation of this area and developmental tendencies (the preservation of tradition or change).