Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Truth and courage as the basis for the development of civilisation – an outline

Background. In reflections on Western Latin civilisation the concepts of supporters of conflict in the theory of civilisation should be taken into account, starting with Feliks Koneczny. On the other hand, however, there are the indications of radical humanism from Erich Fromm and the personalism of John Paul II the civilisations of life and death). Normative ethics should protect the dignity of the individual who is treated as a personal being.
Aim. The problem of the influence of normative ethics on the development of civilisation or its maintenance and survival was addressed. The goal in particular was to emphasise the virtues of courage and fidelity to the truth, and to reflect on the state of discourse in this area.
Method. The method of analysing the content of the literature on the subject was used, as well as deductive and comparative methods. This is a broader discourse analysis, including sources (journalistic content) and studies.
Results. The article contains – an outline of historiosophical findings and the essence of humanity; criticism of several “progressive” ideologies; praise for the courage to proclaim the truth; and remarks about the relationship between science and higher values.
Conclusion. The weakening of Christian identification in the countries of Western Europe affects their spiritual progression. Therefore, today’s leaders of the Western world e.g. Donald Trump see great potential in the revival of the Western spirit in Poland and the heroism of the Poles.