Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Martial arts (alternative) medicine – channels of transmission to Europe

Aim. The aim of this study is to explain what “martial arts’ medicine” is, and provide a basis for discussion on its channels of transmission: how the knowledge and skills come to Europe.
Background. The theoretical perspective for this paper is provided by the Humanistic Theory of Martial Arts, which contains an explanation of how the movement developed. Human health should be holistically analysed within the broad social context and as a process conditioned by a series of systemic relationships.
Material and Method. Qualitative sociological methodology has been used in this study. The methods used include: analysis of literature and other sources; direct interviews (experts’ own words); analysis of the content of some systems of health practice; participant observations and other methods of observation and comprehensive interpretation.
Results and Conclusions. The results show that transmission of this knowledge is an example of dialogue between the Far East (China, India, Japan) and the West (Europe). The Asian traditions come with martial arts and with a mode for alternative medicine. As in the ancient schools of martial arts modern Grand Masters teach martial arts along with medical knowledge. The channels of transmission are reduced to just a few of the organisations within the global martial arts’ movement.