Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Jubilee of Shibu Kobudo in Poland 1995-2015

Aim. The aim of the research material was to provide a factual description and explanation of the functioning of the organization of martial arts, according to the 15th century tradition of Japanese fencing. This is Shibu Kobudo that has been operating in Poland for 20 years. A theoretical perspective was used for analysis and reflection and included: the history of physical culture, the sociology of culture, the humanistic theory of martial arts and the haplology and anthropology of martial arts.
Methods. Analysis of sources and the content of the existing studies and literature on the subject was applied in the manuscript. This includes, among other things content analysis of documents, photographs, popular magazines and direct participation in the events described in this paper. In addition, the authors used the participatory observation method – as they are both participants in and direct observers of the described events.
Results. Improved and supplemented factual descriptions (in relation to the subject matter of literature) are presented. The activities of pioneers and leaders, activists, organizers and teachers are set out. This is a particular asset for the classic martial arts (kenjutsu, kobudo) that may attract enthusiasts for the next meeting for practical studies. Important moments in the described history were illustrated by photographic material.
Conclusions. This organization is rather small, exclusive and non commercial. It is not directly under the Japanese Honbu system but works autonomously. It is also more open to teaching the styles of other schools than the French Shibu.