Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The way of life and the way of martial arts

The purpose of this work is to present a great jūjutsu and jūdō-dō master, who contributed an immense amount of effort to popularising and developing jūjutsu and jūdō-dō in Europe. The employed method is a direct interview, a dialogue between the holders of the highest master ranks in jūjutsu.
The article describes the way of budō which Franz Strauss has been following for the past 63 years practising martial arts, taking active part in numerous international trainings. He holds the titles of sōke, 10th dan in jūjutsu and 10th dan in jūdō-dō. Currently he is the vice-president of the Austrian Ju-Jitsu Association and vice-chairman of European Jūjutsu & Kobudō Committee (EJKC).
In 2011 Franz Strauss was awarded the title and medal of martial arts Expert-Professor by EJKC.