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Abstract - Martial Arts Students’ Motivation and Health Related Behaviours in Changshu

This study was to investigate martial arts (MA)students'motivation andhealth related behaviours in the city of Changshu2 and to provide meaningful information and feedback that enable the professionals to upgrade their qualities of instruction and administration.Participants were MA students (N = 128, boys = 80, girls = 48; age 12-18) who came from five different MA schools/programmes. The questionnaire of health related behaviours of MA students [QHBMAS; Cynarski, Zeng 2011] with 50 items concerning MA students' motivation and health related behaviours was employed; data analyses were done by frequency, percentage, and qualitative analyses techniques. Results/findings were summarized in tables 3, 4, 5, and 6 that reflected four unique themes, included: 'Practicetimes', 'Motivation Factors', 'Health Related Behaviours', and 'Risk and Hygiene Behaviours' of the martial arts students. Among these themes, some factors (e.g., 'Motivation Factors', 'Practice-times', and 'Risk Behaviours') were administrated very well; while other factors (e.g., 'Hygiene', 'Nutrition', and 'Fitness') were not administrated well and need to be improved. The reasons behind those findings were subject to in-depth discussion.