Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Jab and imacsss Conference – Tsukuba 2013. On scientific, budo studies and cultural tourism

From the perspective of ‘humanistic theory of martial arts’ and the sociology of culture and sociology of tourism the authors describe travel and participation in the 2013 International Budo Conference organized by the Japanese Academy of Budo (JAB) in cooperation with IMACSSS. The aim here is to describe and evaluate social facts that occurred in the background of the indicated conference. The main method used here is participant observation. To complement it the authors add the reference literature and electronic sources.
The paper in its entirety is divided into five parts. The first part concerns the tourism tied to martial arts, the second – is an account of the conference, the third – description of the cooperation of several associations, the fourth – includes consideration of a number of specialized martial arts, and finally the fifth part – selected impressions and opinions of the two authors.
The conclusion states that the conference was of great importance for IMACSSS and JAB, but also for the emerging “science of martial arts”. This is an example of good cooperation between organizations of martial arts.