Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Super Seminar: training seminar and research internship at the German Sportschule Tao sports club, Aurich, 11-13.06.2011

The relationship between the study of martial arts and the methodological and training seminar at “Sportschule Tao” in 2011 was analysed from the perspective of the theory of martial arts and the sociology of tourism. The qualitative methods of participant observation, textual analysis, face-to-face interview were used, complemented by comparative analysis. The results show that the location of international training courses is not chosen at random. The participants of these courses are teachers invited to Aurich due to their high professional skill level. “Sportschule Tao” school reached a certain degree of institutional and organizational maturity. Therefore, it invites renowned martial arts experts, well-established within the martial arts community, to conduct training courses. The methodical and training courses conducted by these masters, as well as the subject matter of the lectures are an explicit testament to their high professional qualifications. It translates to didactic skills and the leaders’ concern for the proper education of the young generation through martial arts practice. For those attending the seminar it is an event constituting the main goal of the trip and the recreational participation, i.e. a form of martial arts tourism, realised during leisure time.