Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Personality of the teacher of combat sports and martial arts in the epoch of globalisation, science and technology

I. The epoch of globalisation suffers from a deep ethical, social-moral, ecological and pedagogical crisis leading to self-destruction.
II. The social-moral level of all teachers, also teachers of combat sports and martial arts has a fundamental meaning.
III. That is clear, that young people, gaining technical ability in combat sports and martial arts but not an adequate social-moral level, cause the real, serious danger for society.
IV. The teaching of combat sports and martial art should strenghten the character and personality of pupils, their nobility, tolerance and respect for Christian culture and tradition, dominated in Europe during centuries. The teachers, trainers and insctructors of martial arts and combat sports representing poor ethical, social-moral level should be absolutely and decidedly eliminated, despite their high technical standards, skills or titles.