Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Facts and Comments 2015

The following work is a chronicle and review compiling the most important scientific events in the field of martial arts, which took place between December 2014 and December 2015. There are also analyses and reflections on the events, research and publications in the fields of cultural tourism, cultural dialogue and sport science. There are also notes describing a series of conferences, seminars and workshop including the 22nd General Assembly Commemoration Symposium in Rzeszow, the 1st Wroclaw Congress of Chinese Martial Arts and the 4th IMACSSS International Conference.
The Chronicle also mentions those people who have contributed significantly to the study of martial arts and social studies: Werner Lind, Tadeusz Kochanowski, Barbara Krawczyk and Kazimierz Obodynski. The paper also includes a list of people promoted to higher ranks, honoured with awards or rewarded in other ways. New members of the IPA and new publications in the widely-understood area of martial arts science, social studies, anthropological studies, physical culture and tourism are listed.