Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Tourist qualities of Bavaria (Bayern) in the light of systemic and anthropologic conception of tourism

Objectives and approach: The aim of the undertaken research and explication was to show tourist attractions of Bavaria in connection with providing suitable needs (particularly those esthetical, cognitive and self-realization ones) of a tourist, a holiday-maker or a researcher. The authors are looking for the answers to the questions what is there objective, worth attention as well as how to provide for the higher degree needs while travelling throughout Bavaria.
Methods: The research method used here is the analysis of albums, guidebooks and one’s own participatory observation. The interpretation is conducted through the system theory of tourism and anthropology of tourism perspective.
Results and conclusions: It is affirmed that a varied offer of the mentioned tourist attractions of Bavaria should please the individual and collectivist, mass, extreme, experimental, and existential tourists equally. Staying in this country provides entertainment and recreation for a tourist or a researcher as well as enables realization of the higher needs. In addition, getting to know a foreign country enriches a tourist and contributes to better understanding, cultural dialogue and closer contact of the visitors and local inhabitants.