Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Far Eastern martial arts in the perspective of culture sciences AD 2008

The authors of the study present original output of Polish scientists who formulate a systematic humanist theory from the perspective of sciences on man, culture and society.
Theoretical, philosophical and socio-cultural analysis of the phenomenon of martial arts has been developed here since the 1970s. Began by Stanisław Tokarski more than 30 years ago philosophical and socio-cultural analysis of the phenomenon of martial arts is continued by individual Polish scientists and their teams.
Present humanist and cultural dimensions of the ways of martial arts are studied and explained in many aspects by Wojciech Jan Cynarski along with a group of international scientists gathered around Scientific Year‘s Issue "Ido – Movement for Culture" in Rzeszów. The wandering of Far Eastern traditions, cultural dialogue and various humanist dimensions are studied in a multiaspect way by Cynarski and his school. Cynarski put forward a humanist systematic theory of martial arts developed on the example of Japanese budo. The team from Rzeszów and abroad develops this concept building more general theory of martial arts and ways.
The theoretical base here is the output of humanist sociology and Polish sociology of physical culture, integral anthropology and holistic pedagogy. Multidiscipline character and the effort of systematic research are worth to be appreciated and the results – both general-theoretical and detailed – are worth being popularized, especially that they are little known outside Poland.