Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The structure of physical activity in seniors from Lesser Poland

Background. Physical activity is seen as one of the more important factors of human health. Many authors have highlighted benefits of physical activity for the elderly, claiming that it: slows down the progression of processes related to involution and modern-age diseases, promotes social activity, is a pleasurable way of spending one’s spare time among other people, which makes it a perfect antidote to loneliness.
Problem and Aim. This paper aims is at analysing the structure of physical activity in seniors living in Lesser Poland.
Method. The research was conducted within the scope of the PolSenior nationwide programme, financed in the form of a grant by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (ref. no. PBZ-MEIN-9/2/2006).
Results and Conclusions. As people age, the percentage of those who spend their spare time actively decreases. The most frequent reason why the researched seniors from Lesser Poland take up physical activity is the willingness to improve and preserve health, as well as the need for rest. Quite surprisingly, the least important of factors that determine physical activity in seniors are doctors’ recommendations, which may prove that the medical environment tends to underestimate this type of activity.