Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Yoshin-ryu jujutsu - from Japan to Poland

The author verifies basic information about the yōshin-ryū school of Akiyama given by various (often contradictory) sources in literature. He accepts the date of its establishment as about 1651-1660. He indicates the probable origin of this school from yōshin-ryū of Miura. He shows briefly the history of yōshin-ryū in Japan, its role in setting many styles in this country as well as the influence on the existence of the jujutsu art in Europe and the USA.
At present the styles reaching for the old classical yōshin-ryū as well as versions modified to a various degree accepting the similar names are practiced. The more famous ones include shindō yōshin-ryū, takamura-ha (from honbu in the USA) and taught in Germany and in Poland idōkan yōshin-ryū. A sign of attachment to tradition is e.g. teaching to use traditional weapon having very little practical use nowadays.
Jujutsu takes part in global cultural exchange becoming even more popular abroad than in Japan itself. It is practiced as a form of self-defence, a form of recreation, one of the ways of martial arts or it may also become a sport. It undergoes certain (ideological and program) adaptations and modifications as well.