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Abstract - Ethos of Martial Arts in the film at the beginning of the 21st century

The new age of movie is co-created by various factors, among which there may be mentioned technological progress in the field of special effects, reaching cultural roots, social fascination with the ethos and the need for the culture of honor. Martial arts may be and become helpful in creating the new or restoring the old myths. The more so, because they preserve one sense and ethos of the moral way of old masters. Wuxia and Bruce Lee, the masters of martial arts and cinema, Kurosawa and the epos of Tolkien become inspiration for such contemporary directors as Jackson, Lucas, Zwick, Ang Lee, Tarantino and Wachowski brothers.
In the age of commercialized, global market only few creators create or restore the world of noble values, remaining in wisdom connection with the truth and the good. In particular, Catholicism is inspiring here (Tolkien, Gibson) or also ethics of Mahayanistic Buddhism and Chivalrous Codes. The most interesting movie works break off the frames of genres and, above all, undertake the questions of timeless values.