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Abstract - States of consciousness – problems and results. The genetic immortality. The author's reflections on the border of science and philosophy

The publication presents a new author's view on the entity of life, death and consciousness of man, a question of biological immortality in organisms of common origin. According to this, the revision of to-date terminology is proposed. The author proves the necessity of verifying several fundamental notions, such as „life”, consciousness”, „memory”, „personal identity” etc.
The author claims that the notion „heredity” can be understood as continuity of the parents’ life in children. According to the author's thesis the primordial reaction on the stimulus converts gradually into human consciousness. Therefore, the chain of life and consciousness has been not interrupted despite individual's death.
The basis of author's hypothesis is: all living organisms of common genetic origin (including Mankind) are a unity, a single body equipped with an integrated system of communication, based on biochemical, bioelectrical, biomolecular and cybernetical laws.
The individual (personal) identity of the living organisms should not be considered analogously to the exact science, such as mathematics or mathematical logic (logistics). In this disciplines the term „identity” is equal to the rule of constancy, unchangeability, reversibility: a=b b=a.
On the contrary, the living organism is different and variable in every fraction of time because of the constantly occuring biomolecular, biochemical and bioelectrical changes.
All living organisms are comprised by common biological fields, enabling mutual interaction by means of radiation. The close, organic connection of all living organisms is thus brought into evidence.
According to the author's opinion, selfconsciousness has been a primordial and the only undoubtedly true experience of man.
The whole reality may be embraced in two categories:
I. The integrated category; 2. The desintegrated category. In the first category of reality, everything is integrated, complex, conditional and, therefore, must yield to disintegration. Here belongs the human body, as well as his complex psyche, all concepts, theories, the entire nature, all nominalism.
The second category of reality is p u r e consciousness, not conditioned, stable, unaffected, original and eternal, potentially including all possibilities within itself. Investigation undertaken by the author aimed at learning more about the second category of reality, the not liable aspect of it, called „The state not liable to change” or ,,Universal state of consciousness”.
The author's investigations was carried out between 1961–1991 among persons of both sexes, mainly students. Among the methods applied by the autor the following were the most important: introspection, the categorized observation, psychometric and physiometric tests, questionaire, inquiry, as well as a spectrum of the photon emission (in cooperation with other investigations). The program of investigation (including the state of relaxation) was extended to c. 1000 schoolboys and girls, and c. 5000 students of school at university level.
The author claims, that even single experience of The State not liable to change (SUC) produces slight changes in the personality of the tested persons. As it appears from the statements of the prevailing majority of the tested persons, the relaxation method as well as reaching SUC has had a favourable effect upon their psychophysical frame of mind, and helps to diminish various unpleasant emotional and conflict situation The modern method of deep relaxation and SUC as its climax is also a powerful instrument of rehabilitation and medical treatment.
Universalization of the scientific method of relaxation with its climax SUC determines the possibility of restoring the shakened balance of humanity and individual and social happiness.
In our Age of rapid development in science and technology, so full of tension, haste and threat, the presented method, in the author's opinion, makes it possible to prevent, with great efficiency, various neuroses and promotes an all – embracing personality development. It seems relevant to carry on the above described investigations upon more extensive material, within the multidisciplinsary – research program.