Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Culture of excess or culture of limitation? A matter of choice in postmodern society

Postmodern culture gives us unlimited options of choices. Individual living in an eclectic society is torn between excessive culture and culture of limitations. The main question, what to choose and how to live, became not only an important issue for a modern society, but also for many sociological considerations. Carlo Climati’s book Children of the Night was a great starting point for a dissertation about making choices that determines our way of life. Free choice instead of unlimited freedom gives us a modern social drama of cyber-era society. Climati points his fears at nightlife, social withdrawal, anxiety that is so common problem of postmodern youth. Excessive culture is pushing people to constant dilema of choices, searching for new , genuine and extravagant things. Boredom, as a result of too many possible choices, leads postmodern society to an social isolation and escape from reality. Escape into many social treats and pathologies, starting from drug addiction, prostitution and pornography, through Internet and virtual reality escape, to esoteric and occult rising popularity. That leads not only to mentioned before social wthdrawal and isolation, but also to an egocentrism, escape from any kind of social or personal engagement, escape from adolescence and responsibility, “Peter Pan” syndrome, inability to distinguish good and evil , socio-pathological behaviours, etc. After Climati, this article tries to find an answer what pushes people, specially young people, to a social isolation and escape into a fake world of reality substitutions? Focusing on postmodern youth gives not only an analysis of its state and pathologies, but also tries to foresee treats and behaviour of the society in the near future.