Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - The Staff of Instructors of Świętokrzyskie Zrzeszenie LZS

The pedagogical staff is an essential element of every didactic – educational process. The success of this process depends on suitable number of well – prepared instructors. The aim of our research is the recognition of condition of Świętokrzyskie Zrzeszenie LZS training staff.
Material and methods
In our investigations we used the method of diagnostic sounding and subordinated investigative techniques – the questionnaires of inquiries for the participants of training, the questionnaires of inquiries for LZS presidents, the questionnaires of interview for LZS instructors and coaches, not participating observation with the use of the sheet of observation, the analysis of Świętokrzyskie Zrzeszenie LZS documents. The research was carried out in 2000 14 LZS institutions. Together the investigation effected 272 people (children and young people) – profiting from LZS offers, 29 members of the training staff and 14 LZS presidents.
The results of the research
The results of the investigations show that the growing number of participants of activities organized by Świętokrzyskie Zrzeszenie LZS was not always accompanied by the growing number of training staff. It appears from the LZS documents that especially slender was the number of coaches. The reason of insufficient number of training staff – as the people actively engaged in LZS work maintain – is the lack of financial means.
The most essential in the training – educational work is that the members of LZS training staff generally work as the teachers of physical education (41,4% of investigated people). Most often mentioned motive of undertaking work with children and young people in the opinion of investigated instructors is the wish to work with young people (52,2% opinions). The alarming fact is that 41,4% of instructors doesn’t see the need of rising the level of qualifications. However the results of observations show that the attitude of the training staff towards people being under charge does not rouse any reservations.