Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Martial arts science institutionalisation: specialized scientific periodicals

The scientific perspective for the study are scientometrics and sociology of science. Creating new journals for new scientific discipline (as the martial arts science) is an interesting process.
The aim of this study is an analysis and explication of the institutionalisation process of this research area (martial arts and combat sports). The questions/problems were: What scientific institutions create journals, what journals, and how can we evaluate them?
It will be searched on a national and international scale.
Material and methods. For example, for a comparative analysis 12 journals were selected in the area of martial arts science. In addition, they were compared to the assessment of Polish periodicals, which contain the thematic profile of sport, physical education and tourism. The basis for evaluation remains scientific achievements, yet quantitatively and qualitatively.
Results and conclusions. Two journals published in Poland are among the best in categories of progress, scientific quality and the scope. The first is very strong in biomedical oriented sport sciences, the second – among journals in topics: martial arts, humanistic part of sport sciences, and tourism.
Surely, publishing in today’s language of science (English) and in the electronic version with open-access to the full text makes entering of the work to the global scientific circulation easier. Commercialization makes this access difficult, both for authors, readers and scientific institutions. On the other hand, journals and institutions are created, which, thanks to the creativity of its creators appear to be functioning better than before.

.:Statistics vol. 14, no. 1 (2014)