Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Essay on the Polish Ju-Jitsu Association’s history (1993–2018)

Background. Sport ju-jitsu is a relatively new combat sport which is seeking to be recognised as an Olympic discipline. Polski Zwiazek Ju Jitsu (PZJJ) – the Polish Ju-Jitsu Association was established in 1993.
Problem and aim. We are looking for an answer to the question: In what way has the Polish Ju-Jitsu Association developed as an institution over the last 25 years? The article is designed as a kind of case study focusing on the operation of this sports association during this period.
Method. The study applies, in complementary ways, the following methods of qualitative research: long-term participant observation, analysis of documents and review of the related literature, as well as an interview with a long-time chairperson. Broad discourse of the thematic sources and elaborations has also been taken into account.
Results. The enthusiasm of its activists made it possible for PZJJ to start operation and to survive its pioneering period. It managed to achieve a certain degree of institutional maturity as well as excellent results in the sport, owing to good organisation and
coaching activities.
Conclusions. The results achieved in the sport speak in favour of the PZJJ. Institutional forms have been adopted from judo. On the other hand the Scientific Research Commission has been neglected. Furthermore, due to the lack of specialists in the original jujutsu, departures from the genuine Japanese tradition can be observed.