Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Review of important events, publications and comments AD 2019

Problem. The cognitive aim of the study is a factual analysis of the fighting arts environment, especially the researchers of this area. The study concerns the city of Rzeszow, the seat of the IPA and IMACSSS, and wider international scale. Scientific and methodological events and latest literature on the subject are evaluated. The paper also describes changes in the type of substance presented and the development of our Journal.
Method. The main qualitative method used here is the multiple case study research, both descriptive, interpretive and evaluative. Data was collected between November 2018 and November 2019. In many cases, the authors were direct observers of the events, whereas the publications were evaluated using the content analysis method. A comparison of the content of chronicles published in six consecutive volumes of this periodical was also carried out, with statistical compilation and highlighting the main trends.
Results. A series of events was indicated and evaluated in short reviews of 27 publications, interesting from the point of view of the thematic profile of our Journal. The trend of constant increase in reviews of studies strictly on fighting arts was observed, and the assessment made by the Polish Ministry of Science was compared to the Fibonacci numerical sequence.
Conclusions. The development of our periodical is taking place in the direction of thematic specialisation. The situation of fighting arts environment and researchers is being monitored on an ongoing basis, with photographic and descriptive documentation.