Journal of Martial Arts Anthropology

Abstract - Activities of the Polish Boxing Association between 1923–1939 – an outline of the problem

Background. In 1923, the Polish Boxing Association (PBA) was established – an organization aimed at coordinating activities related to the development of the sport of boxing on a national scale.
Problem. The aim of this study is a factual description and presentation of the multifaceted activities of the PBA in the period from its establishment to the outbreak of World War II.
Method. The main methods used in the paper, were: analysis of source materials (documents and press); and analysis of the content of the subject literature. The study adopted a problem-based system.
Results. The study complements the existing knowledge of the history of physical culture in the period of the Second Polish Republic, in particular the activities of sports’ associations and the organization of the sport of boxing.
Conclusions. The work carried out by the Polish Boxing Association between 1923-1939 was crowned with great achievements. Expansion of the organizational structure of the PBA, both internal (management) and external (districts); the dynamic development of boxing, and the numerous successes of Polish competitors in international competitions, and extensive activity in the training field, are the most clear evidence of the effectiveness of the Association’s activities during the period under discussion.