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Abstract - Versatility and creativity: Cases of martial arts masters

Problem. Within the context of the General Theory of Fighting Arts the problem was raised as to whether there is any correlation between the versatility coefficient A and the creativity index among martial arts masters. Their biographical notes were cited.
Method. The cases of n=22 high ranking martial arts masters were analysed. They are both historical and contemporary figures. Their path to the championship was tested using the M-Q Scale and accepted indicators. Descriptive statistics (Chi2, V Cramer and C Pearson) were used.
Results. Modification of the formula for the versatility coefficient (WB) was proposed. A moderately strong relationship was found between the ‘versatility’ and ‘creativity’ indicators.
Conclusions. A wealth of knowledge and skills often translates into creating a new quality – the emergence of new varieties (schools, methods, styles) of martial arts.